Batching Machine

The PLD series concrete batching machine is an automatic batching equipment that is used in conjunction with the concrete mixer. It automatically completes the batching procedures for materials such as sand, stone, and cement according to the concrete ratio designed by the user.
A weighing hopper is arranged below the storage hopper of the PLD series batching machine for measuring the aggregate of sand and gravel. The pneumatic butterfly valve controls the switch. The aggregate falls from the silo to the weighing hopper, and then the belt conveyor conveys the weighed aggregate to the feeding device, and then transports it to the feeding device. The concrete mixer waits for the silo to wait until the other materials are proportioned before entering the mixer to start stirring. The entire process can be controlled by a global control system.
batching machine


1. The weighing sensor has excellent performance, accurate and stable weighing;
2. The core parts adopt foreign brands, and the quality is reliable;
3. The whole structure is reasonable, strong and beautiful;
4 belt conveyor head with a material cover, effectively prevent sprinkler;
5. There is a screw tension device at the tail, which can adjust the tension of the belt at any time, convenient and quick;
6. Shakers and sand hoppers are equipped with vibrators on the side walls to facilitate quick weighing and quick unloading.