Cement Silo

The cement silo is used as a closed tank for storing bulk materials, such as cement, fly ash and other materials. The cement tank can be equipped with a material level system, which can display the position and quantity of the material. It can be used in conjunction with a screw conveyor, transporting materials to various sites. The transportation and installation of cement silo is very convenient, stable and reliable, it is the ideal configuration of the concrete mixing station.
The cement silo consists of the steel structure of the warehouse, ladders, guard rails, feeding pipes, dust collectors, pressure relief valves, level gauges, and discharge valves.
Description of dust removal system, broken arch device and material level device:
1. Dedusting system: The top of the cement tank is equipped with electric dust removal device, which can effectively adsorb suspended particles in the warehouse and reduce the pollution to the surrounding environment.
2. Arch breakage device: The cement silo is equipped with an air-blast arch-breaking device in the lower cone, and a small solenoid valve in the air-controlled tank is used to control the release of compressed air to break the arch of cement and various powders, avoiding Powder builds up, causing blockages.
3, Level device: Cement tank level device can sense the storage height of the material in the warehouse.
cement silocement silo


1. The overall performance is good with long life
The cement silo produced by the CamelWay is completely constructed and manufactured by special equipment. When rolled, the outer wall of the warehouse is bitten into 5 times the thickness of the material, and spiral ribs of 30 to 40 mm in width make the carrying capacity of the silo body greatly enhanced. The material of the storage body can be configured according to the degree of anti-corrosion and grinding strength of the stored material, so as to ensure the normal service life of the storage unit exceeds the service life of other storage units. The
2. Airtight performance with widely use
Special equipment for roll storage is used for bending and biting to ensure the quality of the process in any part of the warehouse. Therefore, the cement warehouse is sealed and can store various types of ultra-fine powdery materials, and it can prevent moisture and infiltration.
3. The construction period is short, the cost is low
Site construction, installation speed, short duration. The warehouse is made entirely of sheet steel, the weight is greatly reduced, and the cost is greatly reduced.
4. High strength
The continuous spiral undercut five times the thickness of the base material, greatly enhance the anti-loading capacity and strength.
5. Small footprint, light weight
The height diameter of the silo can be arbitrarily selected within a large range, and the spacing is small, and space can be fully utilized. The weight of the warehouse body is only 1/6 of that of the same volume concrete warehouse, which is the same as that of the same volume concrete warehouse, which greatly reduces the load of the infrastructure and the cost of building warehouses.