HZS25 Concrete Batching Plant

HZS25 concrete batching plant is a simple type concrete mixing station, which can be used for various commercial concrete manufacturers, highway bridges, water conservancy terminals and other industrial or civil projects.
1. Aggregate batching system
HZS25 concrete mixing plant uses PLD800 concrete batching machine, which consists of feeding mechanism, weighing system, electrical control system and other components. Characteristic is that the feeding mechanism is arranged in “goods” shape, and fed by a belt conveyor, the weighing method is a lever plus single sensor, and the measurement is accurate.
2. Mixing system
This station uses a JS500 twin-shaft forced mixer to mix the main machine, which can stir fluidity, dryness, lightweight aggregate concrete and various types of mortar. The mixer has a reasonable structure, good mixing quality, short mixing time, energy saving and low noise.
3. Electronic control system
The main features of the electronic control system: stable operation, reliable performance; the core electrical components use products such as the French Schneider company, and the quality is guaranteed.
4. Aggregate conveying system
The station’s aggregate conveying system adopts a lifting bucket feeding method, which has the advantage of occupying a small space and saving land resources.
HZS25 concrete batching plant
components of hzs25


1. Fast installation
It can be assembled with steel beam or fixed type. The mixing main system of the steel beam type mixing station can be removed from the installation to the installation within a few hours. The installation of other supporting facilities such as the control room and the batching station can be prepared within two to four days. Put into production.
2. Reasonable design
The mixing platform, metering platform and lifting system platform fully ensure the inspection and maintenance of equipment. When the outer protective layer needs to be installed, it can still provide enough daily working space.
3. Small footprint
The HZS25 concrete mixing station uses a method of hoisting and lifting hoppers, special design of hoppers and rails, and can efficiently load and dump aggregates, which greatly reduces the site area occupied.
4. Low investment and easy maintenance
The HZS25 concrete mixing plant requires less investment, occupies less space, uses less equipment, has simple equipment maintenance, and is safe and convenient to operate.