JS1500 Concrete Mixer

JS1500 Concrete Mixer is a twin-shaft forced mixer. In addition to stand-alone operation, it can be combined with PLD1600 batching machine to form a simple concrete mixing station, and it can also be used as the supporting host for HZS50 mixing station. JS1500 concrete mixer adopts foreign advanced technology and all the main components are imported. The mixing performance is strong and the scope of application is extensive.
JS1500 concrete mixer


1. Stirring – more evenly
JS1500 Concrete Mixer is equipped with five kinds of lining plates inside the mixing drum, and the countersunk head screws are used to fasten and fasten the cylinders to make the cement mixing more uniform.
2. Structure – more compact
The JS1500 concrete mixer aggregate is fed by a bucket elevator, which has a compact structure and a small footprint.
3. Design – more advanced
The mixer adopts the belt-spiral bevel planetary reducer transmission mode, with compact structure, low noise and overload protection function;
4. Operation – easier
All electrical control systems use imported components, complete functions, reliable performance, and easy operation and use.